Landscapes and climate

Photo 1 en taille normale

Wildlife on the shore of Lake Edward, 1954

  • La faune
  • Un orage sur le lac Édouard
  • Le lac Édouard
  • Le lac Vert
  • Éléphant dans le lac Édouard, 1952
  • La piste de Butubu
  • Nyiragongo
  • Le Lac Gris
  • La Semliki à Lubiya, 1950
  • Le site d'Ishango
  • Le lac de la Lune
  • Le Mont Speke
  • L'ascension du pic Marguerite
  • Kansuiri
  • Kihandaghati
  • Gorilles des montagnes

What is the region of Ishango like?

The natural environment of northeastern Congo offers a great diversity of landscapes, each more breathtaking than the other. Dense forests and savannas dominate the landscape but there are also marshes and high mountains such as the mountain ranges of Virunga and Rwenzori, with their unique glaciers which are on the line of the equator!

What is the climate like there?

The altitudes range from 800 to 5 109 m and there are a variety of climates: Equatorial, tropical, even a high altitude mountain climate.