Occupation of the Semliki valley

The Semliki valley has been frequently occupied by people for a long time.

The first human presence

Oldowan tools have been discovered during surveys along the Semliki river (see map). These carved stones go back to approximately 2.6 million years ago and are known to be the work of hominins. The hominin Paranthropus and the first of the genus Homo were both known to exist during this era. A tooth of Early Homo has also been discovered in Ishango.

The bifaces found at the Kasaka site are more recent. They date from the Early Stone Age (about 1.5 million years ago) and may have been shaped by Homo ergaster.

Contemporary sites of Ishango

The Middle Stone Age and Late Stone Age range from 280 000 years to 10 000 years ago. Several sites around Ishango date from those times. The Neolithic occupies the last millennia before our era, it is the time of agriculture.